Q: Is this an exercise program?

A: The G.R.I.T. Foundations Program focuses on reprogramming habits around mindset, fitness, nutrition, and personal development. As you begin shifting through our Integrated Energy and Mindset Process, you will see changes to your body composition, increased physical capacity, and a surge in self-confidence.


Q: What does the program cost?

A: Program costs depend on your level of fitness and health because of our tiered phase approach.  We will determine where you will start in our first call together. My program is aimed at building a solid foundation of mental and physical fortitude to mesh into your lifestyle. This is unlike a 28 Day or 6 week challenge where you might experience quick results but will likely fall back to your old habits that got you stuck in the first place. With support and accountability throughout, your habit and routine building will become ingrained and an integral part of your life. The desire to commit your time, energy and money is the first step to getting back in the fight and staying there no matter what.


Q: How does the process work and what is required of me?

A: We start with small action steps to begin thinking and moving on “want to” vs “have to” mindset/energy. Early on, it’s about getting to know your current habits then slowly replacing those undesirable habits with desirable ones that will put you on the path moving forward. All the while we will be making adjustments in your fitness, nutrition, and thought process. All that is required of you is that you show up, share, grow and give the program all your heart. 

You are included in the G.R.I.T. group chat and Facebook group for guidance, motivation, and accountability. We have Zoom calls 1X a week plus monthly 1:1 calls for further support. All Zooms are streamed to the Facebook page for you to watch replay if you’re unable to attend.

Your deliverables such as workouts, check-ins, video resources, and journals are delivered through the CROM PC app.


Q: Do I have to already be in shape to join the program?

This program is meant to meet you where you are at. There are 4 levels of programming to ensure that no matter whether you have been sedentary for months/years or you are already active but feel like you want to evolve and grow in your physical culture journey, this program is for you.


Q: What fitness equipment is needed?

A: You can begin the program with your own body, the only machine you need to get started.  Depending on your level you may start with kettlebells and/or dumbbells.


Q: How does the program progress?

A: Phase 1 is 12 weeks in duration and will focus laying a solid foundation of awareness, and seeing opportunities instead of problems when it comes to working towards your goal. Until you become aware of the root issues it will be impossible to make sustainable change to your health and wellness.  Phase 2, also a 12 week program, is where you explore and challenge your perceived limitations, both mentally and physically, while continuing to engrave G.R.I.T. into lifestyle.