Self Awareness is Your Biggest Weapon

May 17, 2021

 by Chris Romulo

Self-awareness is the #1 thing a champion embodies. It is the ability to be conscious of one’s own thoughts, emotions and behaviors.


To be a champion of your life, it requires you to look deep inside to acknowledge your values and priorities, strengths and weaknesses, wants and don’t wants.


This is a vital trait to possess to be able to make decisions that will keep you moving forward in this fight we call life.


As we progress through our lives, we will face all kids of set-backs, obstacles and tests.


Being self-aware will help you to look at each and every scenario with open mind and understand and see the opportunities to learn, grow and evolve.


A key sign of having self-awareness is taking complete accountability for your behaviors and actions.


Not blaming and pointing fingers.


Shifting your locus of control internally and moving forward accordingly.


Embodying self-awareness will lay the foundation for all the other attributes that guide you on your journey:














Here are a few questions to ask yourself to start you on a path of being self-aware:


What is my level of willingness to change?


What have I given up on? 


To what degree have I actually controlled the course of my life?



“We are all born with a champion’s spirit but it’s the champion’s mindset that we must absolutely build, strengthen and condition.”