Life is a FIGHT

Apr 30, 2021

 by Chris Romulo
I used to say to myself “why is life so hard?” ⁣
But if we keep in mind that our pain is not unique to us, it might help us understand that LIFE should not be thought of as HARD or EASY.⁣
LIFE just IS….⁣
If there was just one thing I learned through being involved in Muay Thai since the 90’s, being a parent and running a gym, it’s that LIFE IS A FIGHT.⁣
NOT a STREET fight.⁣
But a RING fight.⁣
If YOU have NEVER been in any kind of fight, this concept might not resonate with you.⁣
So try this…imagine waking up every morning, knowing for a fact that there is 1 specific person out there training to take the job that you currently have.
You stand to lose all status, seniority and responsibility.
This person is on a mission for what you’ve got.⁣
Ok, you might not have a job right now, so think of someone preparing to take over the place that you are currently living.
That person is planning to take the bed and pillow you sleep on, blissfully, every night to ruin your standard of living for you and your family.⁣
Or, maybe that same person is just waiting for you to have your next meal and just as you sit down to eat it, they are plotting to wrestle that meal away from you or your kids’ mouths.⁣
If any of those situations don’t get you imagining what you need to do to prevent this invader from stealing your 3 basic necessities of life, then you NEED to get back in the FIGHT. ⁣
Every ring fight I have ever been in, I calculated, I trained and I prepared for the opposition that was doing exactly the same to beat me.⁣
With that in mind, I knew that in order to increase my chances of winning, I had to train like my LIFE was on the line.⁣
Most of my life, I spent my days thinking of how I could be tougher than the next man.⁣
Now, I spend my days training to be tougher than LIFE.⁣
LIFE is the biggest and most important FIGHT you will ever be in.⁣
LIFE is on a constant campaign to test your mental, physical and spiritual FORTITUDE.⁣
Get Back in the FIGHT...CHAMP UP!