We Either Grow Or Die

Jan 18, 2021

 by Chris Romulo
What’s your next step?
We either grow or die.
2020 has been a year that has tested every ounce of our heart and soul.
If you’re like me, this year has left many of us stuck because of the stress and the anxiety of these uncertain times.
Uncertainty in the health of your mind and body.
Uncertainty in your finances and being able to provide for you and your family.
Uncertainty in your relationships because the lack of communication or the ability to be close to loved ones.
With all the turmoil that we’ve faced, the beauty of it all is that we still have have the opportunity to take one more step forward…to grow.
If you are reading this, this is your opportunity. You are conscious and alive.
We are blessed to have the ability to get up on our own two feet, take a deep breath of fresh air and choose to get back in the fight.
It’s not easy, but it is that simple.
If we keep looking back at the past and wonder “what happened?”, we’ll stay stuck.
If we look too far ahead and wonder, “what’s gonna happen?” we miss the experience.
Let’s stay in the moment and keep this in mind…
You GROW through what GO through.
We either grow or die.
But death is NOT just a physical experience.
Death happens when we choose stagnation. When we choose to stay stuck in past. When we choose NOT to expand and evolve our thoughts, feelings, actions, viewpoints and believe that we CAN'T build GRIT…no matter where we stand in life.
So, what is your next step?
How will you choose to grow from all that you’ve gone through in 2020 to move into 2021?
Happy New Year and may 2021 bring growth and abundance to you and all your loved ones!!