Fatherhood & Physical Culture

Sep 10, 2020

 by Chris Romulo

If you’re a dad, you might ask yourself questions like these on a daily basis:


✔️How can I do more?


✔️How can I provide more?


✔️How can I be more present?


And if you’re like me, sometimes you feel like you have the answers and then sometimes you feel like you’re getting clubbed over the head.


Either way, there is a surefire way to keep you on the mission.


March 16th, 2020, New York State hit the pause button on life as we knew it. All non-essential businesses were halted and my gym, like countless others, became storage facilities for gym equipment.



As a gym owner, I scrambled to keep our business alive by transitioning into the virtual world of fitness training.


Daily, our members started to dwindle, as memberships were being cancelled or put on hold, understandably, due to the uncertainty of the pandemic.


With my family’s income shrinking and the gym community slowly fading away, we closed our doors for good on May 7th, 2020. As challenging as all those days and weeks were leading up to the shut down, there was one thing kept me scrapping for survival...Physical Culture.


How did physical culture keep me in the fight?


It’s no secret that if we don’t exert ourselves by challenging our bodies, stress, anger and our catabolic thoughts will accumulate until we hit the breaking point.


And with everything going on in the world right now, it’s completely normal for you to feel overwhelmed as well.


Expressing physical culture daily, helped me steer away from crashing and burning as a dad.


Exerting my body brought on the anabolic thoughts of: “health-wealth is our greatest asset and that every influence that interferes with the attainment of superb, buoyant health should be recognized as a menace.”


In turn, it guides me to stay conscious of how I am showing up for my family as a father and as a husband.


We always have a choice between anabolic (constructive) or catabolic (destructive) thoughts.


Being blessed with the awareness to choose not to give up is what has kept me on the straight and narrow since I was a kid, and is something that we can all access.


As Joseph Campbell stated, "follow your bliss".


If your health-wealth is crucial for you, understand that it’s not just about how you look and feel. Expressing your own physical culture will dictate how you present yourself to your family and your kids.


It’s easy to forget about your fitness and well-being because of the time and effort that it requires to sustain it.


Ask yourself...


What will be the cost of neglecting the only vehicle that you will drive until your journey ends?


How will the lack of your own expression of physical culture shape your current reality and the reality of your family?


What can you do today to shift from a catabolic to anabolic mindset?