The Cause and Effect of our Actions

Aug 26, 2020

 by Chris Romulo

I've got a story to share with you that I hope can help you reframe where you're at right now if you've been feeling clobbered by life.


I was knocked out for the first, and only time, back in 2006. It was one punch that I never saw coming and all I can remember was asking the ref, “what hit me?”.


That moment has changed my approach to fighting and my approach to life, forever. I tell anyone that asks about how painful it was, “it was the most painless 10 seconds of the 42 times that I’ve stepped into the ring”.



Physically painless. I never saw the shot that hit me.


Psychologically and emotionally, it was some of the most challenging times as a Muay Thai boxer.


questioned my skills as a boxer, I questioned my future in the sport as my knee was injured from the fight, I questioned my duties as a single father, providing for my 8 year old son.


In the 10 seconds that I laid unconscious on the canvas, it led me to spend the next 13 months on the sidelines rebuilding my mind, body and spirit.


After months of living in denial and confusion, I finally sought the help to rehabilitate my knee, and then developed the belief that I could get back to 100%. This belief led me into the gym to train for my comeback. Then, earning a shot at the WKA North American Championship in 2010.


I won the belt and proved to myself that we are always the cause and effect of our own actions.


All of us have, at one or more times in our lives, been knocked unconscious by life's circumstances. It might feel like that right now for you. Like you got caught right on the chin, blindsided, and you have no clue what hit you.


It is understandable if you feel like your whole world has been turned upside down. It’s understandable that you might feel anxiety, self-doubt and fear. It’s understandable that you might have an unclear vision of the future.


As some of you may know, on May 7th 2020, my wife and I made the decision to shut our gym doors permanently due to the financial strain that the COVID-19 Pandemic has thrust on us and the enitre world.


After a decade of service to our community we were knocked unconscious by the global health crisis. 10 years of teaching Muay Thai to the at-risk youth in the Rockaways and sharing our passion for physical culture with countless others. The dream was clipped on the chin and sent face first into the canvas, which left me asking again, “what hit me?”


Over the past few months I have questioned my ability to open our gym in the future, I questioned my desire to share martial arts through a virtual world, and I have questioned my duties as a mentor to many of the fatherless youth that saw our gym as a sanctuary.


I have been battling against catabolic thoughts and feelings since we locked our doors for good but, as of late, I am fully prepared to evolve the existence of the gym, I have developed the belief that I can get back to 100%, and I am back in training to comeback bigger, better and different than before.


My question for you is, what are you willing to change to get the things you want?


Remember, we are always the cause and effect of our own actions.