Anabolic vs Catabolic energy

Jan 27, 2021

 by Chris Romulo
Fixed vs Growth
Negative vs Positive
Have to vs Want to
Bad vs Good
How ever you choose to associate the direction of where your thoughts live, will determine where your energy shifts.
We all function in two types of energy levels…anabolic vs catabolic energy.
Anabolic energy is constructive, creative, healing and life strengthening.
It moves you forward.
Catabolic energy is destructive, stifling, debilitating and life weakening.
It keeps you stuck or moving backwards.
Awareness of these levels of energy is vital to developing a champion’s mindset.
I was blessed to be invited to share some of these thoughts to a group of young players on the Greensboro Swarm, a NBA G-League team, whose head coach is a good friend of mine.
During our Q & A sessions of the players asked me how I dealt with a career threatening injury that I received after being KO’d for the 1st and only time in my career.
I told him that I started out experiencing catabolic energy by blaming, making excuses and not accepting the reality of my situation.
Which kept me stuck for 6 months.
Forcing myself to train on a busted knee, making no progress and becoming frustrated and confused.
Eventually, after checking my own ego and pride, I was able to experience anabolic energy, to get back on track.
With the help of others, I made the necessary adjustments to heal and grow as an athlete and as a human.
Why does this matter to YOU?
You don’t need to be on pursuit of a belt, a ring, a trophy or a medal to understand that your level of energy will decide how and what YOU do to be constructive, creative, healing and strengthening your life.
Stop telling yourself that story that you’re too old.
Or that it’s not the right time.
Quit numbing your pain with your poison of choice
That drink ain’t gonna help you.
Squash the scrolling through FB and watching other guys go after it while you sit on the side lines.
It IS your time….
Catabolic or Anabolic.
Message me if you want to get back in the fight.