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Take your health and wellness to a new, vibrant level with CROM's 28 Days To Get UNSTUCK!

Guess what? Accountability matters! We all let ourselves down in some way, every day (engage in toxic facebook posts, we hit the snooze button,  we react to others in a way we’re not proud of when we're stressed, we skip the work out). Funny enough, when we feel like we’ve let others down, for whatever reason, we are less likely to do so. Being part of a group with like minded indivdiuals is hugely helpful for creating new healthy habits.


And don't be fooled...healthy habits aren’t just about what you put in your mouth. It’s about how you sleep. How much time you spend on social media.  It’s about meditation. It’s about community. It’s about showing gratitude.


The meal plan you choose (for example Vegan or Paleo) won’t matter if your bigger picture lifestyle is off track. These new habits we will build together will involve getting enough water, sleep and movement, plus developing some other beneficial activities such as journaling and developing a very simple meditation practice.

Once you join our challenge you will have access to the following:

  • At-home workouts and recommended classes
  • Done for you daily wellness tasks
  • At-home mobility and stretching routines
  • A custom meal plan you can generate according to your needs
  • Personal tracking software to measure your progress
  • Weekly in APP check-ins 
  • Private FB group to communicate

develop life long habits with our 4-week accountability challenge




Enjoy access to both live ZOOM classes and daily SHRED & M.E.P.S. online workouts to do solo sent directly to your phone. Check our virtual class schedule and train live with a coach or go at it on your own with our famed programming. You can get personalized attention from your coach in a live class or choose our DIY programming which comes with exact directions and a tutorial video to demonstrate correct form and technique. Our system is a no brainer and allows you to work out anytime, anyplace with little to no traditional equipment!


A large percentage of your results are going to come from your nutrition choices. Some diets aren’t sustainable and lead to a poor relationship with food and body image.  We aim to get you the best results as quickly as possible. Consistency and patience are key on this journey. You'll pick a meal plan based on your fitness goals directly through the mobile app. You can customize every meal to your preferred taste or dietary requirements.


Mobility training can improve the range of motion of your joints and muscles which can assist in improving your posture. Mobility training can alleviate 'everyday' aches and pains as well as improve our body awareness. So we've added an entire library of movements to help increase you mobility that you can access straight from your desktop or mobile app.


It’s great motivation to see the difference in your body from start to finish. You can add before and after photos, Body Measurements (hips,waist,thighs,calf, etc), Weight/Body Fat to track your progress. Tracking your progress is vital for your fitness journey and you can do all that from the app.


Tracking your workouts is another extremely useful tool. It allows you to set goals and keep raising the bar. There's no better motivation than actually seeing a visual representation of your progress and our app does exactly that.

This is my second year with the CROM crew, and my second 28 day challenge. I was nervous about staying on track with the meal and exercise plans on my own while social distancing. I have been on a weight loss journey, and I didn’t want to fall victim of the ‘Quarantine fifteen’ so I dove into ‘virtual’ training classes with the 28 day challenge group. I have lost 13 lbs this May by staying connected for workouts, following the meal plan, and finding the same community from the physical CROM space online. I received direct feedback from Chris and Sarah about my workout in real time, specific to me, just as if I were in class with them physically. I am confident that I can continue my weight loss journey now, with instruction and support online... which has kept me healthy!

Caroline Barnes

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